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Record Order
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Welcome to the Vermont Police Reports Public Record Service

What you will need:

  • The Vermont State Police Case Number of the Incident or the date and name of all parties involved along with the type of incident
  • A Valid Email Address
  • A Credit Card for Payment

Need to find a Case Number?

To get a Vermont State Police Case Number refer to the appropriate Vermont State Police Barrack. Vermont State Police can release only those cases it is the custodian of record for. Reports from other agencies must be requested thru that respective agency.

To find out who is responsible for which town in Vermont, you may click here. If the responsible agency is anyone other than Vermont State Police, you will need to contact them directly to obtain a report from them.

Don't have a credit card?

Order records by sending a letter to:

Vermont State Police
Attn: Report Requests
45 State Drive
Waterbury, VT 05671-2101

There will be changes for how record payments are processed:

Charges will now be authorized and funds will not be withdrawn from your account until one of the following occurs:

  • 7 Days have passed since the order has been placed.
  • An administrator finds and processes the record request.

There will be changes in the emails that you will receive after placing an order:

When an order is placed:

  • You will receive an email indicating that your order has been placed with a status number.

When an order is processed:

  • You will receive an email with your transaction information.

Welcome to the Vermont Department of Public Safety and Vermont State Police Request for Public Records and Police Reports Internet Service. This service allows users to purchase police reports and public records that are on file with the Department of Public Safety.

These requests cost $20.00 for a report, $20.00 for a disc of photos, $45.00 for a video (either DUI or non-DUI incidents), and $45.00 for an audio recording.

Results are not returned instantaneously, the Department of Public Safety will mail the report you request. You will receive a response from the Department within 3 days as to the status of your order.

State Police cases are not always available for release. Reports will not be released under certain circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • The case is an active and open investigation
  • The report is considered confidential
  • Autopsy reports will never be released
REPORTS OF MOTOR VEHICLE CRASHES investigated by the Vermont State Police must be requested through the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles in Montpelier, VT. They can be contacted at 802-828-2000.

PLEASE NOTE: Some photographs connected with cases are very graphic and can be disturbing to victims and family members. It is not always possible to screen out these images as they are part of a criminal investigation. If you have ordered photos, it is possible that you may receive graphic images of police scenes.

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