Starting a New PTTR Document

How to Use This Service

  • You may jump to a section at any time using the navigation on the left.
  • Completed sections will display a check mark next to them.
  • Please be aware that some sections require more than one page of data entry.
  • You must complete ALL of the sections to finalize your PTTR.

    A Property Transfer Tax Return is Composed of Seven Sections:
    Sellers, Buyers, Property Information, Permits, Withholding, Preparer, and Rates & Payment

  • Once all information has been entered into all sections you can 'Verify' the accuracy of the information. When the PTTR is complete you can 'Submit' it to the service. You must save a local copy to your computer in order to re-access the file for any changes and/or updates. You can change the return up until it is completed by the town clerk OR the ACH debit payment has been processed.
  • Use options available under the "Functions" menu to the left to save or delete your document. The 'Cancel' function will destroy your document completely. The 'Save Local Copy' function allows you to download a data file of all information you entered. You can reaccess your PTTR document at a later date by uploading this file into this system.
  • Your property transfer tax return is NOT saved on the system until all selections have been completed and the return is successfully submitted. Please use the function "Save Local Copy" to retain an encrypted working copy of returns that are not yet ready to be submitted.

Completion Requirements & Details

If you make any changes to one section that affects another, you will be notified of the change and if there are corrections required.