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What is the Tax Filing and Refund Status Service?

The Online Tax Filing and Refund Status Service allows tax filers to check on the status of several taxes filed with the Department of Taxes. This service allows tax filers to check whether their filing or refund was processed by the Department of Taxes.

Why must I submit my Social Security Number?

Your Social Security Number is how you are identified within the Tax filing and refund system. It is used to ensure the correct account is accessed, enabling this service to provide you the information you requested.

What is done with my Social Security Number and Zip Code?

Your Social Security Number and Zip Code are only used to identify the correct information to return to you. We use this information only for this purpose and it is not retained after your search is completed. For further information on the security and privacy of using this application, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my Tax Filing or Refund?

If you have questions regarding your Tax filing or refund, please contact the Vermont Department of Taxes at the following telephone numbers:

  • For local calls: (802) 828-2865
  • For toll-free calls within Vermont: (866) 828-2865
  • For out of state calls: (802) 828-2865

Who do I contact if I'm experiencing technical difficulties?

All technical difficulties may be directed to the help desk either by email at or by telephone at (802) 229-4171.


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