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Who should I contact if I'm experiencing technical difficulties?

All technical difficulties may be directed to the help desk either by email at or by using our online feedback form at

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What is the difference between logging in with my ID vs the plate number?

If you log in using your registration renewal or driver's license ID, you will be able to:

If you log in using your vehicle's plate number or registration, you will only be able to renew that particular vehicle or request a duplicate registration. All other options will not be available.

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Where is my ID on the registration renewal?

You can find your ID in the middle of the renewal notice (Two ID numbers are given when a vehicle has a co-owner or lessor).

id on registration renewal


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Where is my plate or registration number?

If you own a vehicle, your plate number will appear as shown below. If you own a boat, the registration number appears along the side of the boat, as shown below. When entering the plate or registration number, do not include spaces.

plateid on boat

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What if my vehicle does not appear?

This may be for a number of reasons:

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May I register my new vehicle online?

No. You must register your vehicle in person at the Department of Motor Vehicles. For more information, please visit:

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What if I no longer own a vehicle that is listed?

You are not obligated to pay any registration renewal fees associated with a vehicle you no longer own.

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Is using my credit card online safe? takes your privacy and security seriously. Our technology and policies are designed to make your transactions safe, private and secure.
Our secure socket layer software uses state of the art encryption to ensure that your personal and financial information cannot be intercepted during transmission to our server. Encrypted personal information includes credit card number, name and address.

By statute, records that contain information relating to the identity of the subscribers or customers of are confidential. will not release subscriber or customer information to any outside party without express consent of the subscriber or a court order.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently DMV Express accepts only MasterCard, VISA, and Discover credit and debit cards.

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Can I change my address online?

Yes, DMV Express allows you to change your address, even if you're not renewing a vehicle. For security reasons, you can only change your address if you have logged in using your registration or driver's license ID, and not your plate number. You will also need to provide your Social Security Number and Date of Birth to verify the change.

If you do not know or do not have an ID, you can update your address using the form at

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Can I change my name or add another owner to the title online?

No. You can only do this through the DMV.

Contact the DMV for more information at 1-802-828-2000 (TTY/TDD - 1-800-253-0191) or go to, for more information.

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What does my address have to do with "voting purposes"?

As a service to Vermont citizens who change addresses, the DMV will notify the Secretary of State's Office of Elections of your address change. That office will then send notification to the clerk of your new town of residence to ask that you be added to the voter checklist in that town, and notice to the former town clerk to ask that your name be removed from that checklist.

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How soon will I receive my new stickers?

You should receive your new registration certificate and stickers within 7 business days. If your registration will expire before then, you may wish to renew your registration in person at the main DMV office (120 State St, Montpelier) or a local participating town clerk (for the location nearest you, go to

If it has been more than 7 days and you have not received your stickers, please call the Department of Motor Vehicles help line at 1-802-828-2000 (Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service: 711).

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What if I have other questions?

Please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05603-0001
(802) 828-2000
Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service: 711


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