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I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, it can either be reset for you or a new password generated for you depending on your account.

Enter your login email address below to have your password reset.


I forgot my login email address

If you have forgotten the email address you used to create your login, there are a few steps you can try to remember it.

Begin by entering the email address you think you used in the password recovery form to the left. If your email address is accepted, you may have not forgotten your login email address, but have forgotten your password.

If your email address was not accepted, try another email address that you may have used. Please remember that capitalization in your email address does not matter.

If none of your email addresses are accepted, it is possible that you made a typo when signing up. It is also possible that you do not have a Account. You can create an account now.

I think someone else is using my account

You should reset your password immediately to prevent anyone else from accessing your account.

You can do this from the Account Settings area if you are logged in to your account. You may also do this using the above forgotten password form.

I know my login email address and password, but I can't sign in

Make sure you are using either Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozila, Safari 1.2 or higher, or Opera 7 or higher as your browser.

If you are using one of these browsers, make sure cookies are enabled.

If you are still having problems, try clearing your browser cache and cookies.

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