Directory Change Request

To request changes to the directory, please email the contact person listed below for your department, if you do not see your department listing, email the ADS Service Desk.

Agency/Department Contact Name/Email
Administration, Agency of - (AoA)Chris McConnell
Susan Zeller
Agency of Digital Services - (ADS)Alice Cloud
Angela Leclerc
Dawn Carrillo
Harry Bell
Kristy Pirie
Leslie Baker
Martha Newton
Phil Kerin
Tara Pecor
Agency of Natural Resources - (ANR)Barb Morway
Donna Viens
Jean Perrigo
Katie Emerson
Pamela Morin
Renita Marshall
Will Duane
Agriculture - (AGR)Faith Raymond
Hunter Thompson
James Shover
Sarah Wells
Attorney General - (AG)Diane Ford
Jay Bailey
Auditor of Accounts - (AUD)Diane Hahn
Kathy O'Rourke
Buildings and General Services - (BGS)Jodie Wright
Judy Bruneau
Robin Chaplin
Commerce Community Development - (ACCD)Kathy Thayer-Gosselin
Courts Judiciary - (CRT)Caroline Keyes
Elizabeth Finn
Scott Adams
Criminal Justice Training Council - (CJTC)Drew Bloom
Defender General - (DG)Lora Evans
Mary Deaett
Department of Human Resources - (DHR)Catherine Russell
Krystal Sewell
Dept. Children Families AHS - (DCFAHS)Christian Gilcris
Christine Comi
Danica Griffin
Diane Chapin
Doddi Ducharme
Erika Bradshaw
Gayle Dimasi
JoAnne Vostinak
Judy Spittle
Melanie Rutledge
Michael Madill
Tina Clarkson
Dept. of Corrections - (DOC)Emily Rotax
Ross Farnsworth
Disabilities, Aging Independent Living, Dept of - (DAIL)Colleen Bedard
Gordon Bullard
Joanne Fleurrey
Kim Guidry
Lisa Parro
Monica White
Tammi Provencher
Tammy Wehmeyer
Whitney Noel
Education, Agency of - (EDUC)Abby Prevost
Shelley Matz
Suzanne Sprague
Enhanced 911 Board - (E911)Denisonde Johnson
Jared Lamere
Executive - (EXE)Janis Carrier
Karen Pallas
Finance Management, Dept. - (FIN)Christine Gilhuly
Eric Hoefel
Melissa Mazza-Paquette
Financial Regulation, Department formerly BISHCA - (DFR)Kelly Fay
Stephanie Brackin
Green Mountain Care Board - (GMCB)Jean Stetter
Human Rights Commission - (HRC)Bor Yang
Human Services, Agency of - (AHS)Darcy Putzier
Kristin Kellett
Laurie Hurlburt
Joint Fiscal Committee - (JFO)Rebecca Buck
Theresa Utton-Jerman
Labor - (DOL)Roger VanTassel
Tom Tomasi
Legislative Council - (LEG)Debbie Curtis
Myriah Burke
Library Dept - (LIB)Cherie Yaeger
Jennifer Johnson
Liquor Control - (LIQ)Kathy O'Hara
Lottery Commission - (VLC)Ellen Pulsifer
Mental Health, Dept of - (MH)Jennifer Rowell
Maureen Cofrin
Military Department - (MIL)Angela Leclair
Joy Ross
Motor Vehicles, Department of - (DMV)Jennifer Cliche
Natural Resources Board - (NRB)Kimberley Lashua
Office Vermont Health Access - (OVHA)Cassidy Derda
Christie Omodeo
Dana Wing
Jessica Ploesser
Stacy DeSisto
Public Safety Dept of - (PS)John Gonyea - VCIC
Karen Carr - Commisioner's Office
Mark Bosma - VEM
Patty Hood - Commissioners Office
Susan Blain
Public Service Board - (PSB)Brenda Chamberlin
Public Service Dept of - (PSD)Anne Tyrrell
Stacey Drinkwine
Secretary of State - (SEC)Brittany Elliott
States Attorneys - (SA)Ashley Perry
Barbara Bernardini
Taxes Dept of - (TAX)Kate Strousse
Transportation, Agency of - (AOT)Jennifer Cliche
Treasurers Office - (TRE)Ram Verma
Tim Lueders-Dumont
Vermont Department of Health - (VDH)Randal Shepard
Tenzin Pelha
Vermont Veterans' Home - (VVH)Scott Betit