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October 23, 2012

State Board of Education Convenes Education Quality Standards Commission

The Vermont State Board of Education (SBE) announces the appointment of the Education Quality Standards (EQS) Commission, comprised of Vermont education leaders tasked with recommending a state policy framework. This Commission will build off the work started in 2009 by the Education Transformation Policy Commission.

EQS Commission members include:

• Beth O’Brien, Principal, Montgomery Elementary School

• Andrew Paciulli, Principal, Academy School

• Andre Messier, Principal, Lake Region UHS

• Ed Webbley, Principal, Vergennes UHS

• David Coughlin, Director, Windham Regional Career Center

• Elaine Pickney, Superintendent, Chittenden South SU

• Martha Tucker, Superintendent, Caledonia Central SU

• Mary Lynn Riggs, Curriculum Director, Franklin West SU

• Linda Waite, Superintendent, Windsor Southwest SU

• Stephanie Phillips, Curriculum Coordinator, Burlington School District

• Kathy Larsen, SBE / New England Secondary School Consortium (NESSC)

• Peter Evans, Youth & Adults Transforming Schools Together (YATST)

• Annie Howell, Director of Academic Planning & Research, Vermont State Colleges (VSC)

• Harry Frank, Associate Director, Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA)

• Kristin Benway, Special Education Director, Addison Rutland SU

• John Fischer, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Education

• David Ruff, Facilitator, Great Schools Partnership

The Board also endorsed the work of the Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA) Task Force, describing a clear vision for public education in Vermont. The result is a simple explanation of a most important goal - that Vermont’s public education system provides a meaningful and rigorous experience for every child over his/her entire school experience.

“The VSA Task Force has succeeded in distilling into a very simple message what we should expect for every student through his or her public education experience in Vermont. The challenge is clearly daunting, but it is achievable through wise deployment of resources, family participation and conscientious stewardship of every student by every adult in the public education system,” said Board Chair Stephan Morse.

The VSA Task Force concluded that there are four major characteristics of a high quality education system dedicated to fulfilling the aspirations of every student:

• Educational systems and educators ensure that every student is provided learning opportunities that are flexible, engaging, and responsive;

• Students emerge from their school experience with strong proficiency in literacy and numeracy demonstrated by success in applying those abilities across school curricula;

• Educational systems and educators support students in attaining the skills and abilities that result in displays of creativity and innovation in areas that reflect their evolving interests and aptitudes;

• Every student graduates well-prepared to contribute as a responsible citizen committed to his or her own well-being and that of his/her family and community.

“The VSA Taskforce was striving to answer in simple terms this question: ‘what is it that the public education system is expected to accomplish for every child?’ The results of the Association’s work should resonate with taxpayers, with the community at large, and, most importantly, with the parents of kindergarten students on a child’s first day of school and with parents and students on the day they graduate,” said VSA Executive Director Jeffrey Francis.

The VSA Taskforce presentation can be found online:

The EQS Commission will hold its first meeting on November 7, 2012 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Department’s Licensing & Business office which is located at 1311 US Route 302, Berlin. For more information about the EQS Commission please contact John Fischer, Deputy Commissioner, at or Jill Remick, Education Project Manager, at or (802) 828-1637.

Source: Department of Education
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