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Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's License Restatement Payment Service Help

Department of Motor Vehicles Driver's License Restatement Payment Service Help


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What is the Driver's License Reinstatement Payment Service?

The Online Driver's License Reinstatement Payment Service allows citizens and businesses who have had their driving privileges to pay their reinstatement fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Driving privileges will not be reinstated, however, until your payment is successfully received and all other reinstatement requirements have been met and processed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Do I have to submit my Driver's License Information?

Your driver's license information is not necessarily required for payment of your reinstatement fee. If you do not have your driver's license information, then you may pay your fee using the Traffic Ticket Number located on the Vermont Civil Violation Complaint. If you can't locate your driver's license by Traffic Ticket Number, you may enter your Driver's License information in addition to, or in place of, your Traffic Ticket Number to ensure we identify your record correctly.

Are my driving privileges reinstated as soon as I pay my reinstatement fee?

Your driving privileges will not be reinstated until all requirements of reinstatement including payment of the reinstatement service has been received and processed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You will be notifed by the Department of Motor Vehicles when all requirements are met and processed.

How soon will my driving privileges be reinstated after payment?

The timeline for reinstatement varies from case to case, but the DMV usually aims for between 2 and 7 business days after you have satisfied all reinstatement requirements. You will receive written notification of reinstatement from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What is done with the information that I submit, such as my Driver's License Information?

Your Driverxn's License Information is only used to identify the correct information to return to you. We use this information solely for this purpose. For further informaton about the security and privacy of using this application, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

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Is using my credit card online safe?

Vermont state government takes Internet security very seriously. Our technology and policies are designed to make your online transactions safe, private and secure. Documented steps are taken to safeguard information according to established security standards and procedures and we continually evaluate the newest technology for protecting information.

Sensitive information passed in online transactions such as social security numbers, banking information, and personal data is confidential. Please refer to our privacy policy for details about the collection of information from visitors to state websites.

Our secure socket layer (SSL) software uses state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption to ensure that your personal and financial information cannot be intercepted during transmission to our server.

All information requests pass through hardware and software security firewalls.

Encrypted personal information includes credit card numbers as well as social security numbers and banking information.

May I pay my outstanding fees to the Vermont Judiciary through this service?

No. This service is exclusively for reinstatement payments to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may pay outstanding fees to the Vermont Judiciary by using the Vermont Judiciary's Court Pay service.

Who do I contact with questions regarding the Reinstatement process?

The Department of Motor Vehicles can answer any questions you have about the Reinstatement process. Their number is (802) 828-2000.

Who do I contact if I'm experiencing technical difficulties?

All technical difficulties may be directed to the help desk either by email at or by telephone at (802) 229-4171.


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