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Criminal Record Request Service

Users who wish to retrieve a criminal conviction record must agree to the following. By selecting the check box next to each item you are indicating your agreement with each item. You are required to comply with each item in order to retrieve a record.

By checking the boxes below and entering your information, I hereby certify that I understand and will comply with the terms and conditions below.

* Required Fields

Usage Agreement for Retrieval of Records

In accordance with Title 20, Chapter 117, Section 2056(c), which governs the release of criminal conviction information to the public, I understand:
Alteration or modification of any report received as a result of this request is strictly prohibited by law. *
Disclosure of the contents of this criminal conviction report to anyone other than the subject of the record or properly designated employees of any agency with a documented need to know the contents of the record is prohibited. *
No person entitled to receive a criminal conviction record shall require an applicant to obtain, submit personally or pay for a copy of his or her criminal conviction record. *

The below information is only collected as part of the usage agreement. It is not used in any other way and will not be shared outside the Vermont Criminial Information Center unless required by law.

Requester Information

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