Criminal Conviction Record Validation Service

The certification and validation process below prevents any fraudulent changes to the Criminal Conviction record previously obtained. Entering the Criminal Conviction validation code below verifies that this is a copy of the exact record from the Vermont Crime Information Center with the date and time stamp when the actual record was retrieved. It is a copy of the record as appeared at the time of request, it will not reflect any changes or updates made since the request.

For additional questions regarding the validity of a Vermont Criminal Conviction Record, please contact the Vermont Crime Information Center at 802-241-5320.

Enter your name, the validation code, and the date of birth for the individual on the record below to validate and view the Criminal Conviction record that was printed from the online Criminal Conviction record service. No changes or updates to the record will be displayed, if you want to check for changes or updates, you must request the record again.

The validation code appears at the bottom of a Criminal Convicition Record obtained through the online service.

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Usage Agreement for Retrieval of Records

In accordance with Title 20, Chapter 117, Section 2056(c), which governs the release of criminal conviction information to the public, I understand:
Alteration or modification of any report received as a result of this request is strictly prohibited by law. *
Disclosure of the contents of this criminal conviction report to anyone other than the subject of the record or properly designated employees of any agency with a documented need to know the contents of the record is prohibited. *
No person entitled to receive a criminal conviction record shall require an applicant to obtain, submit personally or pay for a copy of his or her criminal conviction record unless authorized by statute to do so. *