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Deadline: Jul 05, 2012

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Rule Number: 12P028
Title: 5.300 Energy Efficiency Charge
Type: Standard
Status: Adopted
Agency: Public Service Board
Legal Authority: 30 V.S.A. ยง 209(d)(3)
Summary: Pursuant to 30 V.S.A. Section 209(d)(4), the Public Service Board ("Board") established a three-year budget for the efficiency utilities. The budget is funded through collection of the energy efficiency charge ("EEC"); existing Rule 5.300 establishes the methodology for calculating the EEC, pursuant to Section 209(d)(3). The proposed changes to the rule, which reassign certain responsibilities associated with the EEC process, are a result of the Board appointing energy efficiency utilities through an Order of Appointment, which has removed the contractual relationship between the Board and energy efficiency utilities and has abrogated the need for a Contract Administrator. The proposed changes alter the process, but not the calculation methodology of Rule 5.300.
Persons Affected: Most Vermont electrical utility ratepayers, including residential, commercial and industrial users, are subject to the Energy Efficiency Charge. However, the calculation methodology is not proposed to change under this rulemaking, therefore ratepayers will not be affected. Rather, those entities involved in the implementation and administration of Vermont's energy efficiency utilities ("EEU") will be affected. This includes Vermont Energy Investment Corporation ("VEIC") d/b/a Efficiency Vermont and the City of Burlington Electrical Department ("BED") and any further EEU. Also affected will be the Board and the Department of Public Service, the EEU fiscal agent, and Vermont's electric utilities.
Economic Impact: The proposed changes to Board Rule 5.300 will not result in any measurable economic impact. The proposed changes would modify the process associated with implementation of the EEC, and will not affect the amount that any entity will pay in energy efficiency charges.
Posting date: Jun 13,2012

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Level: Primary    
Name: Thomas Knauer    
Agency: Public Service Board    
Address: 112 State Street    
City: Montpelier    
State: VT    
Zip: 05620-2701    
Telephone: 802-828-2358    
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