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Deadline: Oct 05, 2012

The deadline for public comment has expired. Contact the agency or primary contact person listed below for assistance.

Rule Details

Rule Number: 12P042
Title: Children with Special Health Needs Financial Assistance for Respite Rule
Type: Standard
Status: Adopted
Agency: Department of Health
Legal Authority: 3 V.S.A. §§ 801(b)(11), 3003(a); and 18 V.S.A. §§ 102 and 104.
Summary: This amendment changes the financial assistance given to Children with Special Health Needs (CSHN) patients. All patients from birth to age 21 who were enrolled with CSHN as of December 31, 2012 and whose family income is at or less than 500 of the Federal Poverty Guidelines will be eligible for financial assistance through the end of 2013. Beginning January 1, 2013, patients over the age of 21 and families with incomes greater than 500 of the Federal Poverty Guidelines will not receive financial assistance. CSHN will use 2013 as a transition period where it will provide all patients with extensive Financial Technical Assistance to obtain public or private healthcare coverage most appropriate to their needs. As of January 1, 2014, the only financial assistance offered to CSHN patients, who family income is at or less than 500 of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, will be respite care, providing support to parents who are primary care-givers.
Persons Affected: Both current and future CSHN patients, vendors, such as pharmacies, medical equipment providers, medical food providers and healthcare providers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services as well as advocacy groups such as Vermont Family Network, The Vermont Cystic Fibrosis Advisory Council, The Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation, Fletcher Allen Health Care ("FAHC") Specialty Provider teams, Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Specialty Provider teams; Vermont Department of Health Business Office, Department of Vermont Health Access, and Department for Children and Families Children's Integrated Services – Early Intervention (CIS-EI).
Economic Impact: On 1/1/2013, CSHN anticipates that approximately 25 patients (2 of the current 3,500 CSHN patients) who have family incomes above 500 of Federal Poverty Guidelines, and approximately 70 patients over the age of 21 will lose access to CSHN financial assistance. Effective 01/01/2014 approximately 176 families eligible for CSHN financial assistance during the calendar year 2013 transition period will no longer receive assistance. Of this number we anticipate that as many as one-half will be eligible for Vermont Medicaid or other Green Mountain Care coverage. Vermont Medicaid, Green Mountain Care, and private insurers will see an increase in applications for coverage, spread out over approximately 17 months. Analysis by staff at Hewlett Packard
Posting date: Aug 29,2012

Hearing Information

Information for Hearing # 1
Hearing date:
09-28-2012 2:00 PM   
Location: Department of Health
Address: 108 Cherry Street Room 3B
City: Burlington
State: VT
Zip: 05402-0070
Hearing Notes:

Contact Information

Information for Contact # 1
Level: Primary    
Name: Steve Brooks, Children with Special health Needs (CSHN)    
Agency: Department of Health    
Address: PO Box 70    
City: Burlington    
State: VT    
Zip: 05402-0070    
Telephone: 802-863-1312    
Fax: 802-863-7635    
Website Address:
Information for Contact # 2
Level: Secondary    
Name: Margaret Vincent, Assistant Attorney General    
Agency: Department of Health    
Address: PO Box 70    
City: Burlington    
State: VT    
Zip: 05402-0070    
Telephone: 802-657-4318    
Fax: 802-951-1211    

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