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Deadline For Public Comment

Deadline: Oct 08, 2012

The deadline for public comment has expired. Contact the agency or primary contact person listed below for assistance.

Rule Details

Rule Number: 12P043
Title: Vermont Medication Assistance Program (VMAP) Rules.
Type: Standard
Status: Adopted
Agency: Department of Health
Legal Authority: Act No. 61 of 1997 Section 119a and 3 V.S.A. §§ 801(b)(11); 3003(a) and 18 V.S.A. §§ 102 and 104
Summary: The proposed amendments to the rule would change eligibility criteria from net income less than or equal to 200 of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) to adjusted gross income less than or equal to 500 of FPL; change household income to individual income; and change the program name from AIDS Medication Assistance Program (AMAP) to Vermont Medication Assistance Program (VMAP).
Persons Affected: People living with HIV / AIDS in Vermont, AIDS service organization, medical facilities which serve Vermonters with HIV, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies.
Economic Impact: There is no anticipated negative impact to individuals living with HIV/AIDS in VT or to the program. Currently everyone eligible for the program will continue to be eligible. There may be a small increase in enrollment. This change could increase the number of individuals with private insurance who have access to the program and potentially increase the amount of pharmaceutical rebate revenue for the program. The VMAP is a participating entity of the 340B drug rebate program which entitles the program to recoup costs, associated with drug purchases, directly from the pharmaceutical companies.
Posting date: Aug 29,2012

Hearing Information

Information for Hearing # 1
Hearing date:
10-01-2012 1:00 PM   
Location: Department of Health
Address: 108 Cherry Street Room 3B
City: Burlington
State: VT
Zip: 05402-0070
Hearing Notes:

Contact Information

Information for Contact # 1
Level: Primary    
Name: Patsy Kelso, Ph.D.    
Agency: Department of Health    
Address: PO Box 70, 108 Cherry Street    
City: Burlington    
State: VT    
Zip: 05402-0070    
Telephone: 802-863-7244    
Fax: 802-863-7286    
Website Address:
Information for Contact # 2
Level: Secondary    
Name: Bessie Weiss, Assistant Attorney General    
Agency: Department of Health    
Address: PO Box 70, 108 Cherry Street    
City: Burlington    
State: VT    
Zip: 05402-0070    
Telephone: 802-652-2092    
Fax: 802-951-1211    

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