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Deadline For Public Comment

Deadline: Nov 01, 2012

The deadline for public comment has expired. Contact the agency or primary contact person listed below for assistance.

Rule Details

Rule Number: 12P051
Title: 10 V.S.A. Appendix § 122, Fish Management Regulation
Type: Standard
Status: Adopted
Agency: Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board
Legal Authority: 10 V.S.A. §§ 4081, 4082, 4083, and 4605
Summary: This is an amendment to 10 V.S.A. Appendix § 122, Section 5, The taking, possessing, transporting, use and selling of baitfish. Changes include: 1) Adding four new baitfish species to the statewide approved list and adding two new baitfish species to the Lake Champlain specific approved list; 2) allowing anglers to transport unused commercially purchased baitfish away from a waterbody provided they return to the same waterbody within 96 hours to use up that lot of baitfish; editorial changes (e.g. changing "anglers" to "persons").
Persons Affected: Commercial baitfish dealers, anglers, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.
Economic Impact: This change is anticipated to significantly reduce baitfish costs to the public by allowing them to keep and transport commercially purchased baitfish over four days (96 hours) provided they do so on the same water for which they were purchased. The current version of this rule requires anglers to discard unused baitfish and prohibits them from taking them home to reuse at a later date. Anglers must buy new baitfish the next day even if fishing on the same waterbody. There may be a slight loss in baitfish sales for Commercial Baitfish Shops as people use a single purchase longer, but this may be offset by anglers fishing more often. It has been suggested that anglers, particularly ice fishing anglers that use live bait, have stopped fishing
Posting date: Sep 19,2012

Hearing Information

Information for Hearing # 1
Hearing date:
10-22-2012 6:00 PM   
Location: Emory Hebard State Office Building, Main Conference Room
Address: 100 Main Street
City: Newport
State: VT
Zip: 05855
Hearing Notes:
Information for Hearing # 2
Hearing date:
10-23-2012 6:00 PM   
Location: Kehoe Conservation Camp
Address: 636 Point of Pines Road
City: Castleton
State: VT
Zip: 05735
Hearing Notes:
Information for Hearing # 3
Hearing date:
10-24-2012 6:00 PM   
Location: St. Albans Town Education Center, Cafeteria
Address: 169 South Main Street
City: St. Albans
State: VT
Zip: 05478
Hearing Notes:

Contact Information

Information for Contact # 1
Level: Secondary    
Name: Dave Lecours    
Agency: Department of Fish and Wildlife    
Address: 103 South Main Street    
City: Waterbury    
State: VT    
Zip: 05671-2201    
Telephone: 802-241-3700    
Information for Contact # 2
Level: Primary    
Name: Shawn Good    
Agency: Department of Fish and Wildlife    
Address: 271 North Main St., Suite 215    
City: Rutland    
State: VT    
Zip: 05701-2423    
Telephone: 802-786-3863    
Website Address:

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