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Deadline For Public Comment

Deadline: Aug 09, 2013

The deadline for public comment has expired. Contact the agency or primary contact person listed below for assistance.

Rule Details

Rule Number: 13P022
Title: Aboveground Storage Tank Rules
Type: Standard
Status: Adopted
Agency: Agency of Natural Resources
Legal Authority: 10 V.S.A. ยง1929a
Summary: The rule provides standards for the installation of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) which incorporates measures to prevent releases of petroleum. In general, the rule is being revised to clarify existing requirements, and make minor corrections. Some specific changes include: additional requirements for ASTs in flood prone areas, requirements for portable ASTs, allow single-walled non-metallic (fiberglass) tanks for inside use only and clarify that shelters are recommended by not required for outside tanks installed on the gable end of a building.
Persons Affected: Interested / affected parties include: Petroleum distributors, building contractors, plumbing and heating contractors, loggers and farmers.
Economic Impact: All bulk petroleum plants in Vermont are already subject to the federal Spill Prevention and Counter Control (SPCC) requirements, so the AST systems at those facilities should already meet the construction standards specified in the proposed rule. Therefore, minimal economic impact is expected for ASTs at bulk facilities that operate in compliance with SPCC requirements and recommended industry practices. The proposed changes to the rules do not add any additional burden on homeowners with the exception of tanks in flood prone areas. The rules propose that any new tank installation in identified flood prone areas be secured so they do not tip over and that the vent lines be installed above the 100 year flood elevation. The added cost of thi
Posting date: Jun 26,2013

Hearing Information

Information for Hearing # 1
Hearing date:
07-30-2013 1:00 PM   
Location: Central Vermont Chamber Building
Address: 33 Stewart Road
City: Berlin
State: VT
Zip: 05641
Hearing Notes: (802)229-5711

Contact Information

Information for Contact # 1
Level: Primary    
Name: Chuck Schwer    
Agency: Agency of Natural Resources    
Address: 1 National Life Drive, Davis 1    
City: Montpelier    
State: VT    
Zip: 05620-3701    
Telephone: 802-249-5324    
Fax: 802-828-1544    
Website Address:
Information for Contact # 2
Level: Secondary    
Name: Matt Chapman    
Agency: Agency of Natural Resources    
Address: 1 National Life Drive, Davis 1    
City: Montpelier    
State: VT    
Zip: 05620-3704    
Telephone: 802-249-5826    

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