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Deadline For Public Comment

Deadline: May 01, 2014

The deadline for public comment has expired. Contact the agency or primary contact person listed below for assistance.

Rule Details

Rule Number: 14P012
Title: Vermont Elevator Safety Rules - 2014
Type: Standard
Status: Adopted
Agency: Elevator Safety Review Board
Legal Authority: 21 V.S.A. ยงยง 144(b) and 152(b)
Summary: The Elevator Safety Rules are being updated to include the more recent editions of the national standards regarding elevator and lift design, installation, operation and maintenance. The rules have been updated to simplify expectations by providing additional exemptions and clarifying requirements for wind towers, conveyors and vertical lifts.
Persons Affected: Owners of public buildings that contain elevators or lifts and licensed inspectors and mechanics are directly affected by this rule. The general public, the fire service, people with disabilities, design professionals, contractors and sub-contractors are also affected by this rule. State or municipal government entities that have buildings with conveyances are affected by this rule similar to other building owners that have conveyances.
Economic Impact: The fee for inspection of an elevator or lift by a licensed elevator inspector varies from $100 to $250 based on the type of device. The higher fees reflect the difficulty in conducting an inspection, the number of people needed to conduct an inspection and the exposure to the public. The lower fees take into consideration the fewer number of stops and lack of a separate mechanical room with these devices. The technical codes and standards that are being updated by this rule are specified in statute and have fewer requirements for existing conveyances than new conveyances.
Posting date: Mar 19,2014

Hearing Information

Information for Hearing # 1
Hearing date:
04-24-2014 10:00 AM   
Location: Division of Fire Safety - Central Office
Address: 1311 US RTE 302
City: Barre
State: VT
Zip: 05641
Hearing Notes:

Contact Information

Information for Contact # 1
Level: Primary    
Name: Robert A. Patterson    
Agency: Department of Public Safety    
Address: 1311 US RTE 302, Suite 600    
City: Barre    
State: VT    
Zip: 05641    
Telephone: 802-479-7566    
Fax: 802-479-7562    
Website Address:
Information for Contact # 2
Level: Secondary    
Name: Michael Desrochers    
Agency: Department of Public Safety    
Address: 1311 US RTE 302, Suite 600    
City: Barre    
State: VT    
Zip: 05641    
Telephone: 802-479-7539    
Fax: 802-479-7562    

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