How do I file my EMP Compliance Statement?

EMP Compliance Statements can only be filed online. Go to Follow the steps on the “How to File Your EMP Compliance Statement Online” document.

What if I forgot my username?

Your username is not your email address. Your username is your first name and last name with a period (“.”) between your first and last name. Some usernames have a number after the last name. Numbers are added when more than one person has the same first and last name. It is important for you to note whether you have a number at the end of your username.

What if I forgot my password?

Click on “Forgot your Password?” and you will be sent an email with a temporary password. Call 800-439-8550 to have your password reset if you don’t receive the email.

I don’t remember my EMP certificate number. How can I find it out?

Call 800-439-8550 if you have forgotten your EMP certificate number.

What if the system is telling me that my EMP certificate number is invalid?

You can only enter your name exactly the way it is written on your EMP certificate. Call 800-439-8550 if you are still having trouble.

What if the system won’t let me add my property?

Click the button “Request Address Exception” if the system tells you that the property address could not be verified. The Health Department will review the address and send you a reply email. If you are a new owner and the property is assigned to someone else, call 800-439-8550.

How do I find my property manager?

Your property manager needs to have an account in order for you to add them as a property manager. Please check that they have created a property manager account.

What if my prior EMP Compliance Statement filings are not showing up in my account?

Your previously filed paper statements are not able to be transferred to the online system at this time, but they still are on file with the Health Department. All future statements filed online will appear in your account under the “Compliance Statement(s)” tab under “View Historical Filings.”

How do I become EMP-certified?

You must attend an EMP class to become certified. Classes are available at various locations throughout Vermont. Go to to see a list of upcoming classes or call 800-439-8550 for information.

What if I am unable to take the EMP course before my Compliance Statement is due?

You may hire an EMP-certified contractor to complete the EMPs. The Health Department does not have a list of contractors available online, but you may email or call 800-439-8550 for contractor information in your area.

What if I need an extension to complete the work?

You may send a written request for an extension to the Health Department no later than 10 days before the due date. The Health Department may grant or deny an extension. Send an email to to request an extension.

Can I file an EMP Compliance Statement if I’m not the property owner?

Only an owner, property manager or child care operator can file the EMP Compliance Statement on a residential rental property or child care facility. EMP contractors who complete the inspection and work cannot file your Compliance Statement, unless they are assigned as your property manager.

How do I find out when my EMP Compliance Statement is due?

EMP Compliance Statements must be filed at least once every 365 days. If your last Compliance Statement was filed online, the system will show the “Next Filing Due” date under the “Your Properties” tab.

We are a school or child care program and we don’t have a “property owner.” How do we file?

Currently, the system will not allow the business or school name to be entered as the account holder. The account must be under a person. The employee responsible for filing the EMP statement needs create an “Owner” account using their name and use the school information as the business.

We are a school or child care program and the person who files EMP Compliance Statements will be leaving soon. How do we file?

Have the staff member remove the property from their account. Then have the new person responsible for filing create their own account and add the school or child care program. If the person is no longer there to remove the property from their account, call 800-439-8550.

My property is not currently being rented. Do I still have to file an EMP Compliance Statement?

If your property is not currently being rented or will no longer be rented, you can request an exemption from filing by emailing or calling 800-439-8550.

My property has been completely renovated and does not have lead paint. Do I still have to file an EMP Compliance Statement?

If your property was built before 1978, you are required by law to file an EMP Compliance Statement, even if it has been renovated. The only way to be exempt from EMPs is to have an extensive, surface-by-surface inspection of your building that indicates no lead paint is present. This inspection must be performed by a Vermont-certified Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor. You can find a list of certified Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors at pdf/ENV_AL_lead_consult_contractor_list.pdf. The inspector’s report must be sent to the Health Department with a request to be exempted from filing EMP Compliance Statements. The Health Department will review the report to determine if an exemption can be issued. If the exemption is approved, you will receive a letter stating that you are exempt from filing.

I no longer own the property. How do I stop getting reminders?

You will need to remove the property from your account to stop getting reminders. Sign in to your account and select “Your Properties,” then select “Remove.” Follow the prompts and fill in all the information.

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