Essential Maintenance Practices Compliance Statement Service

Welcome to the Vermont Department of Health’s Essential Maintenance Practices Compliance Statement Service. This service allows EMP compliance statements to be filed online. It also allows users to search for recent compliance statements (within the past 365 days) for pre-1978 residential rental properties or child care facilities in Vermont. Searching does not require an account.

There is no charge for this service.

Given the Coronavirus Pandemic, interior inspections are not required at this time if your tenants have concerns about the EMP inspector entering their dwelling unit. You will be able to complete your EMP filing by choosing option 3 on question 13, “The Interior inspection could not be performed for some or all units due to Covid-19.” Even if you cannot conduct the interior inspection of a dwelling unit at this time, continue to communicate with the tenants: provide them with a copy of the Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home booklet and this tenant information sheet (or links to them), and make them aware that their annual EMP inspection will be conducted as soon as possible given the current situation.

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